Short term enterprise allowance

The Short-Term Enterprise Allowance (STEA) gives support to people who have recently lost their job, have qualified for Job Seeker's Benefit (PRSI stamp related payment) and want to start their own business
To qualify you must be getting Jobseeker's Benefit. There is no qualifying period, which means you do not need to have been getting Jobseeker's Benefit for a certain period of time.  However, you will not qualify if you are getting Jobseeker's Benefit and working part-time. 

The Short-Term Enterprise Allowance is paid instead of your Jobseeker's Benefit for a maximum of 9 months. It ends when your entitlement to Jobseekers Benefit ends (that is, at either 9 months or 6 months - depending on your number of PRSI contributions at the A stamp).

To qualify for Short-Term Enterprise Allowance you must:
  Be getting Jobseeker's Benefit
  Have at least 104 paid PRSI contributions

Your business plan must be approved in advance in writing by the Enterprise Officer (BTWEA / STEA) in your local Partnership Company (Galway Rural Development)
You must contact the Department of Social Protection immediately if your self-employment ends or you take up employment or if you change address.

Help with starting a business

Your Enterprise Officer can give you advice and support in developing your business idea into a business that can begin trading with the support of the Short Term Enterprise Allowance. Business Training Programmes are run throughout the year at various locations throughout county Galway.
There is a Technical Assistance and Training (TATF) fund which may be available to people who have progressed onto the scheme and this is operated through the Employment Support section of the Department of Social Protection. It can assist in developing the self-employment once it has started.

If you qualify, the Short-Term Enterprise Allowance replaces your Jobseeker's Benefit.
The Short-Term Enterprise Allowance will be paid at the same rate as your Jobseeker's Benefit, including any increases for adult and child dependants. It ends when your entitlement to Jobseeker's Benefit ends. The Short- Term Enterprise Allowance may be paid directly into your bank or building society account on a weekly basis. The Short-Term Work Enterprise Allowance is subject to income tax in the same way as Jobseeker's Benefit. 

How to apply
To apply for the Short-Term Enterprise Allowance, you need to complete the STEA application form and write a short business plan. If you live in an area covered by a local Partnership Company or Integrated Local Development Company (Il-JDC), you should return these forms to the Enterprise Officer in your local Partnership. The Enterprise Officer will look at your business proposal and will discuss certain aspects of it with you at a meeting. You must not take up self-employment until you get written approval from the local Partnership Company (Galway Rural Development).

Where to apply

You should apply to the Enterprise Officer in your local Partnership Company.
Michael Burke, Galway Rural Development, Mellows Campus, Athenry, 
091 844335  or

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