Programme Goals - Goal Two

The aim of this goal is to promote lifelong learning

SICAP offers back to education courses and recognised qualifications. This goal is primarily focused on increasing the number of accessible educational, recreational and cultural activities available to local people in Co. Galway.

Examples Include

Afterschool Provision

Galway Rural Development (GRD) operates  and Afterschool Club in Gort. Young people access this programme which runs in line with the school year. The Afterschool Club offers a range of activities with the help of the club facilitators. GRD has committed to developing and initiating afterschool supports targeted at supporting young people including Travellers attending secondary school.

Adult Education

GRD offers a range of free training courses in locations throughout the County if you are a member of any of the following eligible groups: Children and families from disadvantaged areas, Lone Parents, New Communities, including refugees and asylum seekers, People living in disadvantaged communities, People with disabilities, Roma, People who are unemployed including those not on the Live Register, Low income workers/households, Travellers, Young unemployed people from disadvantaged areas, Young people aged 15 - 24 who are not in employment, education or training (NEETs).

Courses are offered in: Healthcare, Essential Training Skills, Computer Skills, CV Preparation, Interview Skills, Safe Pass, Food Hygiene, Manual Handling, Child First Training.