SICAP is a programme aimed at reducing disadvantage and poverty in Ireland. It provides the building blocks for Local and Community Development. If you want to avail of the support offered by the SICAP prorgamme, either as a local community group or individual,   then we encourage you to register for SICAP support. Staff will be present at the the following venues to provide information:


The SICAP aims “to tackle poverty and social exclusion through partnership and constructive engagement between Government and its agencies and people in disadvantaged communities”. In other words, it is designed to help people who experience poverty and social exclusion to develop the skills, confidence and contacts necessary to create change in their own lives and communities.

The programme prioritises marginalised people and groups within the most disadvantaged communities, which means that it targets those furthest from access to education, training and employment, and those at highest risk of social exclusion. The programme will continue to work with the target groups/areas and issues as prioritised under the previous programmes based on an identification and demonstration of analysis of local need.

Programme Goals

There are three key programme goals of the programme:

  1. Goal 1 - Strengthening local communities
  2. Goal 2 - Promoting Life long learning
  3. Goal 3 - Helping people become more job ready
  4. On an annual basis Galway Rural Development  formulates its development priorities under each of the programme goals and delivers a comprehensive plan. 

For more details, please contact:

Galway Rural Development Company Ltd., Mellows Campus, Athenry, Co. Galway 

Telephone: 091 844335         Email: grd@grd.ie                                

Welcome to the Galway Rural Development website. Galway Rural Development, through the programmes we administer, will continue to work along with other agencies, groups and individuals around the county to improve the quality of life for all citizens in our area. We especially wish to work with those who are most in need of assistance, to provide real opportunities for people to gain significant improvements for themselves and their communities throughout rural Galway.