Tynagh is a quiet scenic village, situated in south east Galway. It is located between 35 to 50 miles from five major towns/cities, namely Nenagh, Galway, Athlone, Limerick and Ballinasloe.

From the 1960's to the 1980's, due to the discovery of silver, lead, zinc and copper, Tynagh was a busy mining village but due to the exhaustion of redeemable mineral resources the mines closed in the 1980's. In recent years Tynagh has had numerous growing enterprises, including the manufacture of pallets, pottery making, wood waste recycling, and nationwide installation of kitchens and PVC windows. Tynagh is also known for its equestrian tradition, verified by the village's two equestrian centres Flowerhill House and Milchem Equestrian Centre.

Some of the interesting historical features in Tynagh include the 16th Century Pallas castle, with one of the best preserved towers of its kind in Ireland, the old church and the old school. In terms of leisure activities, Tynagh offers a wide range of activities to suit all lifestyles, such as pony trekking, go-karting, tennis, fishing in the nearby Kilcrow river, walking and cycling.


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