Family Fun on Biodiversity Day at Renville Park, Oranmore Sunday 22nd May


Sunday 22nd May is International Day for Biodiversity, a day to celebrate the nature all around us. Events will be running right throughout the country to mark the occasion. To commemorate the day in Galway, there will be an afternoon of nature-related fun in Rinville Park, Oranmore from 2 to 4pm.

Activities will include Woodland walks, pond dipping, seed planting, nature arts and crafts and face painting. Rinville Park is a wonderful amenity on the shores of Galway Bay. Come and explore the woodland and grassland habitats of the park, and the trees, flowers, birds and creepy-crawlies that inhabit them. Discover the tiny beasts that dwell under the lily covered waters of the pond. Make your own spider-web or kite with the nature-crafters and paint your face with your favourite flowers or animals. Or simply enjoy the fresh air and nature with a leisurely stroll around the park or the excellent playground facilities.

All events are free of charge and open to everyone. Children must be accompanied by an adult. The meeting place for all events is the picnic area by the playground.

This event is an action of the Galway County Biodiversity Action Plan supported by Galway County Council, Galway City Council, Conservation Volunteers Galway, the Heritage Council, NUI Galway and Green Earth Organics. For more information, please contact the People and Nature Project Manager, Elaine O’Riordan at 091 493863 or email:elaine.oriordan@nuigalway.ie.


Background Information


Biodiversity is the term used to describe the variety of life on earth. It includes all the plants, animals and micro-organisms to be found as well as their habitats and all the ways in which living things interact with each other and the world around them.

A healthy functioning environment is vital to support life. Humans too are part of biodiversity and are reliant on a massive variety of plants, animals, microbes and ecosystem processes to survive. We encounter the products of biodiversity every day in our food, clothes, fuel, medicine, raw materials even the very air we breathe.

Through our interactions with the environment and our exploitation of natural resources, we can have a significant effect on biodiversity and the wellbeing of other living things. Our actions can have far reaching consequences for biodiversity locally and in distant places. Biodiversity is declining rapidly worldwide and we must act quickly and responsibly to ensure the future of our natural heritage for future generations.

Galway is a large county with an abundance of biodiversity. Its varied geology, climate and historical land use have formed a range of rare and interesting habitats including species rich grasslands, turloughs, eskers, and raised and blanket bogs. These habitats support a great diversity of flora and fauna. The landscape has been heavily influenced by people since the earliest times and has itself influenced our culture and heritage. The natural heritage of County Galway continues to be one our greatest assets so there is a strong desire from all parts of the community to preserve it and to ensure the sustainable use of our local environment.


Galway is one of the first Counties in Ireland to have a dedicated Biodiversity Project. With the support of the Galway County Heritage Forum,  the People and Nature project began is run as a Partnership Project between Galway County Council and NUI, Galway. The aim of the Galway Biodiversity Project is to provide the basis for the development of the Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) for County Galway through raising awareness of our biodiversity among all sectors of the community while increasing our knowledge of the habitats and species of County Galway through gathering information and promoting research relevant to the biodiversity of the county.

For more information, please contact the People and Nature Project Manager, Elaine O’Riordan at 091 493863 or email: elaine.oriordan@nuigalway.ie.



Conservation Volunteers Galway undertake practical conservation projects to protect and enhance some of the most beautiful green places in Galway City and County. We carry out a wide range of activities such as tree planting, hedge-laying and removal of invasive species.

The outings take place once a month on Saturdays. Check out the activity calendar on the right for upcoming outings.
 For any general inquiries about projects, volunteering and how to get involved, just e-mail us on cvgalway@gmail.com or give us a ring on 087 2809 314. You can also find us on Facebook.


Green Earth Organics is a family run organic Farm in Corrundulla, County Galway. They supply top quality home-grown organic fruit and vegetables throughout the City and County. Contact info@greenearthorganics.ie

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