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Galway Rural Development - Monday, March 01, 2021


Galway Rural Development (GRD) are looking to recruit community groups / individuals in East Galway to participate in our WATER AND BIODIVERSITY TRAINING. This project is funding under the Rural Environment Theme of LEADER 2014-2020 (Transition Programme 2021), which is administered by Galway Rural Development.

The role of individuals and local communities as guardians of the natural resources is an essential one. Galway Rural Development is keen to encourage water biodiversity best practice in East Galway. Therefore, the focus is on utilising the waterways for catchments initiatives and the betterment of the rural environment in east Galway, while fostering citizen science, as well as engaging young people and communities through educational activities, environmental improvement works and the sustainable use for recreation. 


Galway Rural Development CLG has been working closely with the Local Authority Waters Programme to develop a suite of training modules to enable community groups/ individuals to learn more about environmental stewardship and develop and bring forward projects relevant to their local waterbody. A waterbody can be a stream, river, spring, pond, lake, turlough, bay, estuary etc. Participants will receive training on various modules such as: 

-        Understanding Your Local Waterbody (how catchments work, the water cycle, the riparian zone – connecting land and water)

-        Water Quality & Impacts (sources of freshwater supply)

-        Citizen Science

-        Water Biodiversity Plan

This training will cumulate in the creation of a local Water Biodiversity plan. The aim of this initiative is to equip groups/ individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan for water biodiversity in their work and thus ensure it has minimum negative impact and maximum benefit for the local environment.

Training Application Forms can be downloaded here:

Water and Biodiversity Training Application Form

Closing Date – 14th March 2021


Welcome to the Galway Rural Development website. Galway Rural Development, through the programmes we administer, will continue to work along with other agencies, groups and individuals around the county to improve the quality of life for all citizens in our area. We especially wish to work with those who are most in need of assistance, to provide real opportunities for people to gain significant improvements for themselves and their communities throughout rural Galway.

Funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development and the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.