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Taking Control Workshop in Tuam

Galway Rural Development - Wednesday, February 27, 2019

What is the Taking Control Workshop

The ‘Taking Control’ Workshop is about practical ways to face life challenges, maintaining and taking control of your physical and mental wellbeing.  GRD are facilitating this workshop in collaboration with the HSE.

The Aims are as follows;

  • To build resilience in the face of life challenges and setbacks e.g Loss of income/employment, loss of a loved one, break down of relationships, feeling stressed to mention but a few.
  • To enhance coping skills, especially pre existing ones.
  • To build and support self esteem and confidence.

After participating, people will:

  • Be aware of positive factors in their lives.
  • List positive skills and knowledge they bring forward with them.
  • Recognise the physical, mental and emotional effect of stressors.
  • Have action plans to safe guard against these stressors.
  • Be aware of opportunities and avenues open to them.
  • Know professional supports available to them.
  • Have set goals and have created an action plan around these.

We have structured our workshop so that each module follows on from and builds on prior learning, scaffolding onto new and existing knowledge and encouraging participants to progress from awareness of issues, through to interpretation and on to active problem solving.

There are 4 modules;

  • Module 1. Self Esteem and Positivity.
  • Module 2. My Coping Skills.
  • Module 3. Changing the weather in my Head.  Signposting my supports and paths to my new life.
  • Module 4. Being Resilient, Taking Control.

The workshop is for one day 10am to 4pm with a complimentary lunch included.  Contact Freeda Garman to book a place: Tel: 091 844335 or email

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