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Men's Health week

Galway Rural Development - Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Help and support  needed in ’spreading the news’  regarding International Men's Health Week (MHW) 2019 which will run from Monday next,10th until Sunday 16th June, Father’s Day. 


The starting point for this year’s conversation is to recognise and acknowledge that MEN’S HEALTH MATTERS. Therefore, during this week, everyone is asked to MAKE THE TIME and TAKE THE TIME to do something realistic and practical that will make a positive difference to their own health and that of the men and boys that they have contact with or influence over.


Men’s Health Week aims to:


- Heighten awareness of preventable health problems for males of all ages.
- Support men and boys to engage in healthier lifestyle choices / activities.
- Encourage the early detection and treatment of health difficulties in males.

The new ‘Challenge and Choices’ Man Manual highlights 10 key men’s health issues. The Manual issues a realistic and practical challenge to improve the reader’s health in each area of concern, and provides them with important health tips and signposts to local sources of help and support. Please Check out  to access the Man Manual and other resources for Men’s Health Week 2019.

The Men’s Health Forum in Ireland lead out on a coalition of over 70 agencies who have planned the week to offer awareness raising and engagement opportunities for men across Ireland relating to their health and wellbeing. Organisations such as the Men’s Development Network and the Irish Men’s Sheds Association continue to contribute to the engagement of men across the country in relation to their own wellbeing issuesTogether with this, we are now also seeking your support for men’s health week for the men in your life and the men in your organisation.


With this in mind please get involved this year and promote/encourage men and boys to lead healthier lifestyles, to be more aware of preventable health problems, and to seek early detection and treatment for health difficulties.


There are themes scheduled for each day of the week, as follows:-


·         Monday 10th June - Mental fitness really matters-  or

      Tuesday 11th June - The heart of the matter Visit:

           Wednesday 12th June - Cancer awareness matters

      Thursday 13th June - Stopping smoking matters  or

       Friday 14th June - Drinking less matters

                 Saturday 15th June - Sports Saturday… Physical activity and sport matters, ,

      Sunday 16th June - Dads matter


If you would like to promote MHW in your local area or service, there are a number of different pieces of promotional literature available. These include: 


  • Postcard for Men's Health Week 2019
  • Men’s Health Week 2019 Logo and Image Pack
  • 'Challenges and Choices' Man Manual


For more details about these materials including how to order isit:


For additional information, contact Paul Gillen 091-737261, or Laurence Gaughan 094,


or John Haugh 091 775744,


Join the conversation: #MensHealthWeek

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