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Calling all community groups in Galway East! Are you in a local group and interested in finding out more about Biodiversity and how your group can make a difference in your local area?

Galway Rural Development - Thursday, August 13, 2020

Galway Rural Developments (GRD) and Burrenbeo Trust are looking to recruit 6 community groups across South and East Galway to participate in our COMMUNITY BIODIVERSITY TRAINING AND AWARENESS PROGRAMME. This project is funded under the Rural Environment Theme of LEADER 2014-2020

Participants will receive 10 hours of facilitated learning using the Áitbheo place-based learning approach, starting in January 2021. This will involve consideration of all elements of Place - including the built, natural and cultural heritage and how they interact. This training will cumulate in the creation of a local Biodiversity plan and tailored skills training workshops will then be provided to facilitate the implementation of this plan. Groups will be encouraged to work with schools in their area, some of whom will also receive training.

Modules for the training include; Biodiversity and landscape; Conservation volunteering and biodiversity; Farming for Nature; Biodiversity in your locality; Biodiversity, Built & Cultural Heritage, Conservation and land use; Planning for the future-creating biodiversity plans and identifying skills training needed.

For more details and the Training Application Form, please see or contact Forms can also be downloaded here: Application form for Bio Diversity Training .

Information sessions about the training will be held online at 3pm on Wednesday,23rd September and at 8pm on Thursday 24th September, which you can register for nearer the time.

Closing Date for applications – Monday the 12th of October.

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